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Granite Bay Serves Panama

Granite Bay Serves Panama

Granite Bay Serves Panama 1600 1200 Ken Miller

In April 2024, over 250 members and friends of Granite Bay Hilltop church, set out for the beautiful country of Panama for a weeklong mission trip.

The Panama mission project focused on three lines of ministry, including medical and dental Clinic, 2) Church Building Projects, and 3) Pastoral Training and Capacity building. The busy week would conclude on Sabbath with a gathering of SDA church members from around the country.

The medical and dental clinic, a collaboration between the Panama Union, Ministry of Health, Granite Bay leaders, and the Holy Spirit, served 1,750 patients over four days. Each day, healthcare professionals and auxiliary staff arrived to find hundreds of patients waiting to be seen. The healthcare team expressed their joy to serve and cited Christ’s words in Acts 20:35, “‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

During the team’s time in Panama, two major church-building projects were carried out on the outskirts of Panama City. The projects would provide infrastructure and invaluable support to local communities. Volunteers remodeled a church in time for the first Sabbath service and laid the foundation for another church.

For two consecutive days, volunteers and the 鶹 pastoral staff at Granite Bay Hilltop church provided training to 150 pastors and church leaders from various parts of Panama City. In addition, they were provided with the course material to continue studying it in depth and share it in future training with their church members and lay gospel workers.

The Granite Bay Hilltop Church remains committed to fulfilling the gospel commission of Matthew 28:19-20, with a unified purpose under the Holy Spirit, looking forward to Christ’s soon return.
Featured in Northern Lights, June 27, 2024