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Men’s Ministries
We provide leadership, resources, and training to help men be disciples of Jesus Christ in their homes, churches, and communities.

About Us

This site is dedicated to the Northern California Conference Men’s Ministry Department. This site is a supplemental resource to the many Christian men’s groups throughout our conference. We applaud those of you who have taken up the challenge of assembling yourselves together all the more as you see the day of the Lord approaching. Our goal is to provide information that will assist you in your ministry as brothers in the faith.

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Registration is ONLY available 24/7 on Leoni Meadows’ website at or by calling 530-626-3610 during office hours Monday-Friday9 a.m.-5 p.m. The retreat is for men 16 and older.

July 2024
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Past Events

NEXT YEAR’S EVENT, APRIL 29 to MAY 1, 2022. “It’s like a family reunion of brothers from all cultures and all backgrounds. When you form a friendship through this retreat, it’s everlasting.” -Keith Stafford

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Rudy Peter

Men’s Ministries
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Administrative Assistant
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